About Us

Hi my name is Charishma, SUKI LALA is my passion and dream come true thanks to my husband Tony who pushed me to do it.  I am a Nelson girl thru and thru, but after leaving Brisbane Australia, I wanted to bring something different to Nelson and to my Online Customers, This is when SUKI LALA came to life.  I started out as a Online Store and recently opened a Boutique Store in the Richmond Mall which has been super exciting.  Fashion and Shopping is my weakness and to be able to bring in some of Australia's well known labels such as Madison Square, Lost in Lunar, Sndys, Cartel & Willow, Two Sisters, Living Doll, Runaway, 7 Wonders and more!  I am always looking for new labels!  Couple of things important to me is Quality and Affordable prices, the above labels not only will give you quality but latest off the runaway trends.  I hope you enjoy shopping with SUKI LALA as much I enjoying Shopping for you!